Color & Treatment Services

Hair Color

Discover Aveda hair color with the energy of plants. We use only naturally-derived conditioning Aveda color, custom-blended for each guest. Includes style finish.

Retouch Color
$56 - $61 & up
Full Head Color
$66 - $71 & up
Partial Foil
$71 - $76 & up
Partial Plus Foil
$86 - $91 & up
Highlight Accents
$56 - $61 & up
Full Head Foil
$101 - $106 & up
Ombré Color
$150 - $175 & up
Color Toning with Style
$48 - $53 & up
Bleach & Tone
$93 & Up
Men's Express Color
$35 & Up
Additional Color
$26 & Up

Hair Treatments

All treatments include a style finish

Keratin Smoothing Treatments
$225-$275 & Up
Eliminates frizz and relaxes curl without causing hair damage, specially formulated as a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment. Leaves hair softer, silkier, more manageable and easier to maintain, reducing daily styling time. Smoothes the hair with no unpleasant fumes or odors and is gentle enough to use on color treated hair, leaving the hair vibrant and extending the life of the color.
$70 - $100 & Up
$70 - $100 & Up
Botanical Hair and Scalp™ Treatments
Moisture Treatment improves dry hair up to 86% with the power of buriti and pomegranate oils leaving hair soft, silky and shiny.
Botanical Repair Treatment
Repair Treatment improves damaged hair up to 84% with the power of quinoa protein, leaving hair strong, and supple and healthy looking.
Botanical Scalp Detox Treatment
Scalp Detox Treatment deep cleanses, restorative massage with wintergreen salicyclic acid and gently exfoliates and removes build-up and ends with a moisture or repair treatment leaving hair healthier, shinier, softer and silkier.
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Clarifying Treatments